I just got saved... Now what?
In this 5-part mini-series, Kap Chatfield gives you short, practical training to set you up for success as you begin your new life with Jesus.
Part 1: SURRENDER - The beautiful cost of following Jesus.
We want to invite you to explore the transformative journey of fully surrendering to Jesus. This teaching dives into the real challenges and joys of choosing a life aligned with Christ's teachings, emphasizing that it's more than seeking relief—it's about embracing a life of purpose and holiness.
Part 1: Are you fully SURRENDERED to Jesus?
Part 2: SURROUNDED - Don't do life alone.
Discover why being surrounded by fellow believers is not just beneficial, but essential in your Christian journey. This teaching highlights the importance of community in Christianity, emphasizing that it's not a solitary path but a team sport. You'll learn about the three key reasons why fellowship with other believers is crucial: encouragement, accountability, and fulfilling God's purpose.

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Part 2: Why it's critical to be SURROUNDED by other believers
Part 3: SPIRIT-LED - You were meant to live with POWER!
Discover the transformative power of a Spirit-led life! Learn practical steps to embrace the Holy Spirit's baptism and power, essential for a fulfilling Christian journey.
Part 3: You need to live a SPIRIT-LED life... here's why
Part 4: SELF-FED - The one habit that will change your life,
Learn the single daily discipline that will revolutionize your walk with God: reading the Bible.
Part 4: How to read your Bible and be a SELF-FEEDER!
Part 5: SENT - It's time for you to fulfill your God-given calling.
Your journey with God reaches a pivotal moment: being sent on a mission for His glory. This final step in this series is crucial; without it, you risk missing your true calling. Remember, God's plan for you extends beyond personal growth to impacting others with His love and message. It's not just about being a believer but a doer – actively sharing your faith and experiences.
Part 5: It's time to be SENT on mission for God's glory